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Who are we


Created in 2018, ÉVASION 2000 Mining Industry is a limited liability company, under the congolese mining legislation, which develops a range of services and activities related to the development of the local mining sector.

From the management of transit operations through the transport of fuel, the purchase and sale of ferrous and non-ferrous rebuses to the exploitation of mines, we have the possibility of putting our multiple skills at your service.

Increasingly focused on the management of mining permits, we are always on the lookout for new partners with the vision to invest in local projects and thus contribute to the diversification of the national economy.

Our strengths


Active for 3 years in the mining sector, we have had the opportunity to develop a solid experience by collaborating with the ministry as well as various private partners.


With a young, multidisciplinary and dynamic team, we continue to learn and increase our skills and our responsiveness in a sector where there is a lot to do.


As part of the development of certain mining activities, we are implementing a responsible approach through social and environmental actions.

Professional and faithful to our commitments, we put in place a moral guarantee in order to develop projects based on relationships of trust with our partners.


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