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Permit "Mandoro-Coltan"

Authenticated by Order No. 3906/MMG/CAB of February 21, 2020, the "Mandoro - Coltan" permit is a prospecting authorization for colombo-tantalite over an area of 200 km² in the Niari department.

Our vision

1. Setting up a prospecting mission to collect samples of coltan or cassiterite.

2. Moving from the prospecting permit to a research or exploitation permit with General mining Office.

3. Identifying potential partners or investors who would like to develop an exploitation activity on a mining permit for coltan samples.

4.   Negotiating, planning and organizing the launch of the exploitation step.


Plan situation Mandoro Coltan.png

Completed actions

1. Collaboration developed with CBS Industries. 

2. Implementation of a prospecting mission in November 2021, followed by several survey missions in March, May and June 2022.

3.   Gold and Coltan sampling.

analyse coltan.jpg
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