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“Loaka Gold” license

Authenticated by Order No. 108/MMG/CAB of January 25, 2018, the "Loaka Or" permit is an authorization for "semi-industrial" type exploitation of a gold site over an area of 288 km² in the department of Kouilou.

Completed actions

1. Partnership contract developed with the company First Républic, holder of the permit. Concession contract over an area of 32 km².

2. Establishment of a rental contract with Chinese partners.

3. Exploitation of "alluvial placers" near the village of Manzi.

4. Construction of barges (in partnership with the "Rong Chang" company) for operation on the Kouilou River, near Kakamoeka. .

exploitation 1.jpg

Social responsibility
and environmental

As part of the development of mining activities in Manzi and Kakamoeka, we have contributed, among other things, to the rehabilitation of the kakamoeka school, the rehabilitation of the Manzi integrated health center, the rehabilitation and maintenance of the Manzi water well, compensation for fruit trees destroyed and the closing of holes opened during operation.

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