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" BANDA  I "

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License "banda I"

Authenticated by Order No. 21 419 / MMG / CAB of August 19, 2021, the "Banda I" permit is a prospecting authorization for polymetals over an area of 184 km² in the Niari department.

Our vision

1. Setting up a prospecting mission to collect samples of copper, zinc or lead.

2. Moving from the prospecting permit to a research or exploitation permit with the General Mining Office.

3. Identifying potential partners or investors who would like to develop an exploitation activity on a mining permit for polymetals.

4.   Negotiating, planning and organizing the launch of the exploitation step.


Plan situation Banda I.png

Completed actions

1. Collaboration developed with CBS Industries. 

2. Setting up a prospecting mission in November 2021.

3.   Sampling of copper, lead and zinc.

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